Those who know me will agree that this quote by Erma Bombeck sums me up quite nicely… “I am not a glutton – I am an explorer of food”

I don’t believe in dreaded detoxing nor do I believe in diets, they are both evil and bad for the soul; Food is a major pleasure in life and should be treated with the love and respect it deserves!

There’s not much fun to be had with the Maple Syrup Diet, Dukan, Atkins, Five:Two, the list is endless; I call these deprivation diets at their best! Fabulous when you lose a whole hunk of weight, extremely disappointing when the pounds and more creep back when returning to our usual way of eating . Fad diets just don't work to help us keep the weight we lose off long-term.
My secret… I have no secret, it’s all about moderation, not skipping of meals, hydration, the very important five-a-day rule and GOOD FOOD – I hope you’ll agree it’s nowhere near to rocket science as we may like to think!
So why have a started this blog? I guess it all started when I joinedInstagram, the majority of images posted were and still to this day are food inspired and many friends, family, colleagues and followers all had one comment in common “You should start a food blog!”so I guess the rest is history! Today Patz’s Pantry is born…
My Food Inspirations:
  • Culinary delights of Italy including regional dishes from I Sassi di Matera - my Fatherland
  • Hot Latino flavours from Colombia– my Motherland
  • Eccentric London, a pool of British & Worldwide fusions – my Hometown
I hope the recipes I post from this day onwards will tantalize those taste buds and inspire those dinner party menus as they do me.

Seafood Feast @ Scapriciatello #Puglia #Salento

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