Being the keen meat eater as I am and a lover of my sirloin steaks rare, I also appreciate the wonderful and tasty veggie options out there. However, when one of my sisters turned vegan it sent shockwaves through the family...

You're what? we asked, as if she had procrastinated! What in heavens name are we going to cook now, will boiled potatoes and carrot sticks suffice? It's a whole other ball game I tell you, that's if you're not accustomed to it! So as well as not eating meat, fish, poultry there is also dairy products and eggs to add to the list but it doesn't stop there, gluten and sugar are also off the menu too but that's inspiration for another page; Sugar-Me-Right.

This scenario has now led to more imaginative thinking in the kitchen and the mixing of ingredients I wouldn't normally have thought would compliment one another. It's a world of dizzy heights and new discoveries for me hence the new page addition to my blog: Vegan Vertigo.


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